Catching the Fever

Music is incredibly collaborative. Even if you’re a solo act, the addition of an audience to perform for, musicians to write with, and others to give input is essential. I always knew this, but the last year has made this fact so apparent. I just had my first rehearsal last night with our church worship band and was completely energized by working through the music with 4 other musicians. I was also very uncomfortable. Using inner ear monitors felt like riding a bike–a very old, rusty, 21 speed bike with slightly flat tires–but it was fun! I wasn’t ready to stop playing and practiced my house concert set when I got home for another hour. I caught the fever again–at least for that moment. Collaboration is fuel to my musical fire.


I’ve been working with my friend Lisa at So Much More Coaching this month, and one of my goals is to put music on my schedule regularly. In addition to church worship, I’m planning to do at least one or two open mics this month before the LA house concert on June 12th. All of this momentum will hopefully lead to working with a producer to make my next album this year! Trying to go it alone hasn’t the best solution for me–having someone hold me accountable for taking the next steps is!